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We are based in the Northern area of Tuscany, a beautiful and unspoiled area called Lunigiana. The name literally means “land of the moon” and is a magical and inspiring area of enchanting mountains and breathtaking coastline.italy estate agents tuscany

Lunigiana is a place where in the morning you could go up to the mountains and ski, and in the afternoon go for a walk along the beach! Within easy reach, you can take a relaxing boat trip to the beautiful Cinque Terre, where five little villages, washed in colour, merge down to the sea. Why not hop off at Vernazza and have freshly caught and prepared, sea food for lunch? Or just sit outside a bar or on the beach and people watch! car

Places like Portovenere and Lerici where the poets, Byron and Keats swam, are also worth a visit. During the Summer months a great variety of music, theatre and medieval festivals take place. It is a vibrant area steeped in history and tradition. The locals all immerse themselves in the festivals that they have been brought up with since childhood. Dressed in beautiful, hand-made costume they re-enact a period from Medieval times. They put on a glorious display of music, theatre and dance. Appearing through the ancient Borgo, (old stone streets), dressed in costume, with drums beating, holding birds of pray, and carrying authentic banners. You have to look around to convince yourself that you haven’t gone back in time!medieval fair

After the long hot Summer, there are other important festivals. During September, the locals are out foraging in the woods for their secret stash of Porcini! The tell tale signs of ‘Ape’, little Fiat and other vehicles parked early in the morning, along the roadside and mountain tracks, are a sign that they are out with their baskets, gathering these tasty mushrooms. They emerge with baskets laden and big smiley faces! Local restaurants cook them into delicious sauces to eat with home-made pasta, or slice them thinly and serve raw with slices of beef.

By October, the chestnuts are being collected and turned into flour, to make local recipes. Once more, festivals are organised in celebration of natures way in providing a source of food. Once harvested, in local villages great wielding pans of chestnuts are roasted over fires built in the piazza. Not only is this a great spectacle but perhaps more importantly it brings the community together. Parents of young children, teenagers, grandparents and great grandparents celebrate the harvest together.

There are many festivals, not to mention Puccini, and the local Saint’s Days, Ladies Festival etc etc…. If its local tradition that interests you, we are happy to organise a personal programme, perhaps over a week-end with delicious food and wine for you to experience!
The wonderful bonus of owning a property here in Lunigiana, is that we are lucky to have a number of airports. Pisa is less than an hour away, Parma and Genova, a little over the hour. With two motorway exits at Aulla and Pontremoli, we are very well placed for Florence, under 2 hours, Lucca 40 minutes and Venice within easy reach.

grapes tuscany lunigianaAsk us what we love about this area…the uncomplicated lifestyle, the wonderful warm smiling people, the concept of eating all that has grown or been raised locally. The breathtaking scenery and ever changing light and colour, and the simple pleasures, taking a cup of real coffee in a local bar, with all its interesting life and vibrancy. And with the tremendous feeling of a greater sense of freedom, it is only here that we feel all our senses are stimulated. It is only here in Lunigiana we truly feel….alive!

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